Free Brew Log (Logbook)

If you’re serious about brewing pro-quality kombucha at home, every time – consistency is key – and pH strips, a thermometer, a heat mat, quality tea, quality flavoring for secondary fermentation (if desired), and keeping good notes in a log are a must.  We’ve got you covered, Booches — all are available at, and our Raw Brewing Co. Brew Log is available free for download here and below.

Remember, never allow your brew to fall below 74°F — cold equals mold!  If you use a heat mat, do not allow your brew to go above 84°F – higher temps can stress your culture (or kill it, if high enough) and/or create off-flavors.  Warmer temps will finish your brew faster than cooler ones.  To learn more about kombucha and temperature, checkout our post on Kombucha & Temperature.

Also remember, never start your brew above a pH of 4.5 — this is also to prevent mold.  Most commercial brewers start at a pH of 4 and finish at a pH of 3.  To learn more about kombucha and pH (we strongly suggest you do), checkout our post on Kombucha & pH.

For additional detailed videos, tutorials, directions, and learning tools, go to

Click here to download the free Brew Log & Instructions printable pdf. Free Kombucha Brew Log Directions Free Kombucha Brew Log