Brew BoosterTM is a premium blend of bold fruits and
botanicals designed to enhance:

kombucha & kefir

iced tea

wine & sangria



…and other brewed or fermented concotions.

Brew BoosterTM is the easiest way to make fresh,
complex, brewery-quality kombucha at home.
No flavor science degree necessary.

Learn more about how we developed each flavor:

Equatorial Energy Elixir

Hints of pineapple, green maté, guarana, mango & more are the driving force behind our
refreshing and energy-giving Equatorial Energy Elixir Brew BoosterTM.

Forest Berry Bloom

Capture the essence of a woodland harvest with a delicious blend of full-bodied mixed berries in our Forest Berry Bloom Brew BoosterTM.

Orange Blossom Lemon Drop

Capture citrus groves in a glass with and add some summer to your favorite brewed
beverages with our Orange Blossom Lemon Drop Brew BoosterTM.

Pure Passion Colada

Picture yourself in the tropics with a delicious drink in hand made with our Pure Passion Colada Brew BoosterTM.

Redberry Ambrosia

Reach up to the kombucha heavens with Redberry Ambrosia Brew BoosterTM.

Tropical Breeze

Whether poolside, at the house, or at the beach, take a trip to the islands and delicious
tropical flavors with Tropical Breeze Brew BoosterTM.

Wildberry Marmalade

Remember Grandma’s homemade jams? We don’t call it Wildberry Marmalade for nothing! And your homebrewed beverages might just be even more delicious than Grandma’s jam with Wildberry Marmalade Brew BoosterTM.

We import them directly, blend and package them in-house,
and pass the savings on to you.

16 oz. store-bought

1 lb Organic Tea Blend
for Kombucha

1 lb Brew Booster

Per 16 oz.  $3.99 27¢
Per gallon $31.92 50¢ $2.14

Save over 90% vs. store-bought kombucha

Less than
35¢ a bottle

Save hundreds
per year

Less than
a soda

Good for the


Easy and fast
to brew

Brewing with our system makes it exceptionally easy
to make your own kombucha at home.

ACT 1: Brew tea for kombucha

ACT 2: Ferment your booch

ENCORE: Boost your brew with Brew Booster

you begin

For kombucha and other living beverages, reserve your scoby
and/or any starter liquid needed for your next batch, before adding
Brew Booster. Use during first (primary) fermentation not

Pro tip!

Super premium, potent deliciousness inside. Begin with the
suggested starting usage – you can always add more 😉

Not sure which tea you need?
Check out our comparison guide below.

Equatorial Energy Elixir Brew Booster

Equatorial Energy Elixir

✓ Best seller
✓ Best SCOBY health
✓ Beginner-friendly

$12.06 - $19.56

Forest Berry Bloom Brew Booster

Forest Berry Bloom

✓ Raw Brewing Fam Favorite
✓ Prettiest color
✓ Best antioxidant profile

$12.38 - $19.87

Orange Blossom Lemon Drop Brew Booster

Orange Blossom Lemon Drop

✓ Crispy flavor, light color
✓ Rich in antioxidants
✓ Easy drinking booch

$9.39 - $14.72

Pure Passion Colada Brew Booster

Pure Passion Colada

✓ Most traditional brew
✓ Darkest color
✓ When you love it, you love it

$12.10 - $19.65

Redberry Ambrosia Brew Booster

Redberry Ambrosia

✓ Rooibos #1 Ingredient
✓ Packed with antioxidants
✓ Weight and heart health benefits

$10.24 - $15.63

Tropical Breeze

✓ Mate #1 Ingredient
✓ Improves energy and focus
✓ Boosts immune system

$11.30 - $17.94

Wildberry Marmalade Brew Booster

Wildberry Marmalade

✓ Mate #1 Ingredient
✓ Improves energy and focus
✓ Boosts immune system

$11.11 - $17.37

Brewing kombucha at home is an easy way to
reduce your environmental impact.

Let’s go through the lifecycle of a bottle...

Be good to Mother – make more booch at home!