Live Culture Guarantee

We want you brewing like a pro in no time, and we guarantee you’ll receive a live, active, healthy culture.  To be eligible for our Live Culture Guarantee, please be sure to fulfill the Terms & Conditions below.

1: Start your brew within 3 days of delivery, carefully following the directions, and ensuring your brew has fully cooled to room temperature before adding your scoby (too high temps will kill your culture).

2: Take photos of your brew and register it at (also within 3 days of delivery).  This allows us to welcome you to the RBC family – and for us (and the community) to review your submission and prevent many potential issues before they start.  

3: Maintain your ferment at temps between 74-84°F.  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR BREW TO FALL BELOW 74°F DURING FERMENTATION.  Cold equals mold.

4: If you have questions, concerns, or issues, please reach out to us directly at within 10 days of delivery.