Kombucha has changed our lives. Let us change yours!

Michael Peter

Our Story

Just like our booch, we’ve never had much of a filter.  And also like our booch, it’ll always be a hard nay on the filler.  We’ve been in the game for close to a decade, with an 11,000 square foot production facility, and fermenting/bottling/canning capacity of over a million containers per month.   In that time, you can be sure we’ve learned a few trade secrets and a few valuable lessons.  Lesson #1: store-bought kombucha is too expensive, fresh tastes exceptionally better, and the closer you can brew booch to where its consumed (far less transportation and trash) the better for the environment and the consumer’s pocketbook.  So we had some problems to solve…

As true believers we realized if we really wanted to fulfill our mission, we had to find a way to get kombucha into homes all across the globe in a better way.  The question we had to answer was how.  So we formulated a four point plan to: strike the fear of fermentation from the collective conscious, share our secrets, show the world how easy it is, and provide people the knowledge and products to make their creations taste better than store-bought, every time.  Innovation from necessity (and a love of the brew) bore the RBC Brewing System and family of brewing products.  Lesson #2: there are no ancient secrets — something else about us — we do like to have a little fun and play games while we smash the old ways.  But seriously, this is brewery science, and anybody can do it with our system.  Kombucha to the people!

That’s our mission and we’re sticking to it — join us on the journey!